We Are a Lead Logistics Provider

and Have Been in Operation Since 1986.

Services We Offer

Material Handling

Midwest Express Inc. deploys various types of material handling equipment in solving problems involving the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods, and products throughout the processes of cleaning, preparation, manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal of all related materials, goods and their packaging.

Staging & Sequencing

Midwest Express Inc. has over 25 years of consolidation center experience in managing parts, staging, and sequencing for automotive mass production. Our staging and sequencing operation is supported by our Information Technology Department. This department provides solutions using customized software applications as well as state of the art scanning systems.

Line Side Delivery

Midwest Express Inc. supports Honda North American vehicle assembly plants with “just-in-time” and “just-in-sequence” delivery of parts directly to the assembly line. This means getting the right parts to the right operator at the right time with the right equipment for seamless support of vehicle assembly.

KD Import

Midwest Express Inc. operates a Regional Logistics Center (RLC) in East Liberty, OH. The RLC logistics function is to receive parts from overseas-based automotive parts suppliers and to consolidate for outbound shipments supporting Honda manufacturing/vehicle assembly locations throughout North America.

  • Improve container packing efficiency by route consolidation
  • Reduce consolidation center space by centralizing parts inventory storage function

Returnable Container Center (RCC)

Midwest Express Inc. operates three returnable container centers in Ohio. These centers support the effective management of returnable containers and expendable packaging which means having the correct quantity of the proper containers and dunnage at the right place at the right time.

Cost saving programs within these centers are a direct result of reducing disposal costs and eliminating the purchase of one-time use packaging materials, pallets, and containers. In addition to good environmental practices, the use and management of returnable containers have become a mission-critical issue for modern manufacturers due to the greater adoption of Kanban and JIT based supply chains.

KD Export

Midwest Express Inc. provides an Export Packaging service to Honda’s International Parts Services Group. The Midwest export packaging department receives domestic supplier parts in Ohio and repacks into various shipping containers and then ships to Honda Manufacturing locations throughout the world including Turkey, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor Managed Inventory is a process that provides value added services from order creation through shipment to the end user. This service enables customers and suppliers to improve production planning, inventory optimization, improved inventory turnover and stock availability.

  • Knowledgeable in OEM Delivery Requirements
  • Work on Behalf of the Customer
  • Re-Pack Operations
  • Bar Code Re-Labeling to AIAG Standards
  • Warehousing / Distribution Services
  • Sort & Containment Management Services
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software Integration
  • Electronic Tracking and Order Processing System
  • Supplier Crisis/Transition Service

Sub Assembly & Final Assembly

Midwest Express Inc. began with tire and wheel assembly. Services include “Just-In-Time” receipt, inspection, assembly, balancing, and sequenced shipping of tire & wheel assemblies in partnership with our minority business enterprises. In addition, Midwest Express Inc. expanded its sub-assembly services to a variety of components used in vehicle mass production. The sophistication of our operations includes robust information systems, specialized tooling, and integral testing that is supported by our engineering and facilities management departments.

  • Process Design & Engineering
  • Tooling, Fabrication & Machining
  • Equipment Installation & Repair
  • Engineering Management
  • Automation
  • Development of Poka Yoke check fixtures for each assembly


Midwest Express Inc. focuses its efforts on the design, operation, control, and optimization for the manufacturing and material handling processes. Our engineering staff develop and integrate processes and equipment in support of our North American customers.

The Equipment Engineering group provides the technical expertise to support the integration and manufacturing support systems that are designed and built within the Facility and Equipment Engineering Group or through the support of various OEM’s in several specialized industries.

Case & Rack Design

How do we increase the efficiency of logistics and reduce costs without putting burdens on the environment? We research and develop logistical equipment that matches our customers’ products and needs. It has become possible to use export and import packing cases as either disposable or returnable. Above all, we can assure a substantial increase in work efficiency by using either boltless, one-touch assembly returnable cases or bolt type returnable cases based on customer shipping requirements.


The Midwest Express Inc. Solutions group focuses its efforts on supply chain optimization and business performance for its customers as well as new process integration. Logistics Solutions include new business development, customer initiatives, process engineering, process integration, project management, space management, and M.O.S.T. Time Study. Supply Chain Management includes logistics planning, staging and sequencing, failure analysis, inventory management, information technology, kitting and assembly, and international parts flow.

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